Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC’s 2015 Annual Report


To highlight the important work done by the Vancouver Crisis Centre, a focus was placed on the many numbers flowing in and out of the operation on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The resulting report paints a picture of the work completed in 2015 through bold typography, information graphics and an overall minimalist approach.

CC Annual Report 2015 - Spread 1
CC Annual Report 2015 - Spread 2
CC Annual Report 2015 Spread 3b
CC Annual Report 2015 - Spread 3 Detail
CC Annual Report 2015 - Spread 4


There is a wealth of data stored in the variety of databases of the Vancouver crisis centre, though most of the information is difficult to extract, understand or made visible. With thousands of calls and chats taken over the year, and hundreds of workshops given to the community, the challenge was to make sense of the numbers and present them in a way that would increase various stakeholders’ understanding of the work accomplished.


Starting with a skeleton of numbers which pointed to the various areas of operation, we explored ways we could present the narrative of what transpires in a year. By the very nature of its operation, the Centre has access to a wealth of stories, individual in nature, which expose the impact of the work. The data presented contextualizes those individual stories within the scope of work and gives a sense of how they fit into the greater picture of the centre’s operation, mission, and more broadly the mental health system within which the work is done.


The result is a 16-page booklet packed with information presented in text, number and graphic form and which makes clearer connections between and among data points, carefully collected to present the story of the 2015 year of operations. It utilizes bold typography with a minimalist layout, emphasizing and elevating the importance of and story-telling power of numbers.

This project was selected as the winning entry for the Redgee Awards competition in the Print Marketing category for the BC & Yukon region.

Date: May 5, 2016

Client: Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC

Category: Art direction, Information design, Print design